Sunday Runs

  • Where do you run?

    We have a lot of different routes all over Auckland and change location every Sunday. Check out our routes page and calendar page for more details

  • Do you only run on the road

    We have a mix of routes, with some on the road and some on the trail, and a few that mix the two. We try to mix it up!

  • What do I need to bring

    Yourself and a friend or two! If it’s summer then sunscreen and sunglasses are always a good idea!
    You don’t need any special gear to run with us but a running watch can help you keep the pace. Not all of our routes have water stops so a running pack or bottles can be a good idea too.

  • What speed do you run?

    At the start of our group run we break into pace groups of 4:30/km through to 7:00/km at intervals of 30s. We call these runs LSR (long slow run) and you should aim to run at a slow conversational pace.

  • Is there somewhere to put my keys

    During the Sunday group run, most of us run with our keys on us. If you're running in one of the larger groups, you may be able to put your keys in someone else's running pack or car.


  • Do I need to be a member to attend the group run?

    No, the group run is free and all are welcome. We may pass around a sheet to collect email addresses and emergency contact info.

  • How much does it cost?

    Currently, you can join our club for free on Facebook and the Sunday group run will always be free. From time to time we may ask for a donation for equipment and for any training sessions a gold coin. We also have running shirts, but these are purchased at the time of printing independently to the club membership.