History & foundation

The club was founded in 2017 by a group of passionate runners wanting to continue a tradition that was originally started by Hayden Shearman at Tempofit.
Combining a love of running with a structured training program and a regular free Sunday group run, Tempofit offered the casual runner a new type of running club.
When Tempofit closed (due to relocation), we formed MetroRun to further our own training and share our love of running with the wider running community.

Facilities & meetups

As we operate across the entire Auckland region, we do not have any fixed location or club house.
You'll find us running on Sundays at various locations around Auckland (see our calendar) and a few core members also meet on Tuesday and Thursday.
We plan to start offering this training to all club members in the future, however for the meantime we are just working out the right structure and program.
At some of the Auckland events, we offer pace runners and will often have a tent at the event base.


A small group of our runners often pace at events (including Auckland Marathon, Rotorua Marathon and the Run Auckland series) and we pride ourselves in running like metronomes. You can count on our pacers to finish a race usually within 1 minute of the goal time.
The secret to our success? Structured training and only pacing at times which we know are within our limits. Our pacers are there to support their fellow runners and help them achieve their goals and ambitions.


As our club was formed by runners with a mutual love of running, community is at the heart of our club. Whether it is to improve your personal best or be part of social club, we are welcoming everyone.
It is a collective of passionate amateur runners getting together to improve running technique and keep motivation up throughout the year.
From our pacing to our mission statement, our goal is to help others enjoy running and support them through their running journey. It doesn't matter if you run 5k or are training for your 20th marathon, the community, support and group training model that we strive to uphold is core to our values and club.